Fishing Report for November 28th, 2011

Madison River Dam: 1,170 cfs Kirby: 1,270 cfs Although streamer fishing is still a good bet right now, every day that passes brings us closer and closer to winter fishing (basically what we consider unproductive streamer fishing).  We fished between the lakes for about 4 hours yesterday, and there were actually a few people out … Read more

Fishing Report for November 18th, 2011

Feels like Winter out there (probably because it is), but there is still plenty of good fishing  and miles of solitude to be had.  We are still fishing streamers with success in the wade section and between the lakes, but the fish are definitely a little more sluggish this week in response to colder water temperatures.

Fishing Report for November 14th, 2011

Madison River Dam: 1,250 cfs Kirby: 1,330 cfs Yup, it’s winter out there.  Water temps between the lakes continue to drop, and its currently holding at around 42.5 degrees.  You’ll find a little warmer water around the West Fork at mid-day, but only by a degree or two.  What does this mean for the streamer … Read more

Fishing Report for November 10th, 2011

Madison River Dam: 1,270 cfs Kirby: 1,360 cfs PPL increased the flow out of the dam a few days ago, and we are seeing water temps drop a degree as a result– you have to remember that water is still coming off the top of the dam.  More water + lower temps+ mid-november should equate … Read more

Fishing Report for November 5th, 2011

Madison River Dam: 1,140 cfs Kirby: 1,240 cfs Let it snow, let it snow!  It looks like we’re in for a very white weekend up here, which should continue on until Tuesday. Just about everything has been late this year, and the spawn has been no exception.  Last night was the first time we’ve seen … Read more

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