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Galloup’s Zoo Cougar


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The Zoo Cougar is the streamer pattern that put Kelly on the map, and is still one of our favorite flies to throw for big fish. Available: colors: black, olive, white, tan, gray, golden brown, and the original Yellow. Size: 2-6.

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Galloup’s zoo cougar.  The zoo cougar was designed to imitate a sculpin, and to look a little injured when retrieved across the current. This fly has no weight and is intended to be fished just below the surface of the water. The flat head, thick collar, and mallard flank wing make the zoo cougar incredibly light so that every current that touches it makes it flutter from side to side. The zoo cougar streamer was designed to fish with a jerk strip retrieve and is the single best producer for all sizes of trout that I have ever produced.

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1 review for Galloup’s Zoo Cougar

  1. Chris (verified owner)

    Killer fly! I tied one on my Hardy Jet Switch 4/5 (OPST Skagit head with a 7ft sink tip). Went down to Pueblo tailwater in Colorado. Casted out and stripped it in while swinging it. Shortly thereafter – BAM!! Caught the biggest rainbow so far. Sweet fly. I used some weighted streamers after and they just seemed to snag bottom after awhile. I love how the cougar stays suspended.

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