Fishing Report for March 21st, 2014

Madison River Dam: 953 cfs Kirby: 1,010 cfs Varney: 1,110 cfs The Upper Madison is closed to fishing from Quake Lake to McAtee Bridge as well as from Ennis Bridge to Ennis Lake until May 17th.  The sections that are currently open to fishing are the Madison between Hebgen Dam and Quake Lake and between … Read more

Fishing Report for November 13th, 2013

Madison River Dam: 776 cfs Kirby: 850 cfs The Madison Valley has been unseasonably warm over the last week, and the fishing has been just as hot. The wade section between Quake and Lyon’s Bridge has been fishing very well with both nymphs, dries, and streamers.  Nymph fishermen have been doing well on smaller pat’s … Read more

Fishing Report for November 2nd, 2013

Madison River Dam: 785 cfs Kirby: 850 cfs Fishing has been very good throughout the Upper River this week.  Nymphs are still your best best for numbers, and we have had a lot of good reports on baetis nymphs/emergers, $3 Dips, Midges, and Pat’s Rubber legs from customers over the last few days.  We have … Read more

Fishing Report for October 19th, 2013

Madison River Dam: 740 cfs Kirby: 809 cfs Varney: 891 cf One only needs to glance up at the snow covered peaks towering above the withering expanses of sage to understand why Fall is our favorite time of year in Southwest Montana.  Then again, big buttery brown trout chasing streamers and pods of rising fish … Read more

Fishing Report for October 10th, 2013

Madison River Dam: 740 cfs Kirby: 809 cfs Varney: 921 cfs The Madison has been fishing well this week, and both air and water temps have steadily increased after our first big snow storm on the 4th.  The river between Quake Lake and Lyon’s Bridge seems to be producing the most consistent action with both … Read more

Fishing Report for November 18th, 2011

Feels like Winter out there (probably because it is), but there is still plenty of good fishing  and miles of solitude to be had.  We are still fishing streamers with success in the wade section and between the lakes, but the fish are definitely a little more sluggish this week in response to colder water temperatures.

Fishing Report for November 14th, 2011

Madison River Dam: 1,250 cfs Kirby: 1,330 cfs Yup, it’s winter out there.  Water temps between the lakes continue to drop, and its currently holding at around 42.5 degrees.  You’ll find a little warmer water around the West Fork at mid-day, but only by a degree or two.  What does this mean for the streamer … Read more

Fishing Report for November 5th, 2011

Madison River Dam: 1,140 cfs Kirby: 1,240 cfs Let it snow, let it snow!  It looks like we’re in for a very white weekend up here, which should continue on until Tuesday. Just about everything has been late this year, and the spawn has been no exception.  Last night was the first time we’ve seen … Read more

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