Fishing Report for May 25th, 2004

Madison River Dam: 1,820 cfs Hebgen: 2,700 cfs Varney: 4,050 cfs The Upper Madison is still on the rise, but the sub-surface fishing has been incredible.  All the creeks are kicking in mud, and Cabin and Beaver have been putting in enough to turn Quake Lake into a bucket of Hershey's Syrup for the time being.  The visibility out back was roughly 8-10" this morning, but we are guessing that it will be cut in half by Tuesday at the latest.  That being said, the streamer fishing as well as the nymphing continue to impress even the most suspicious anglers...just [...]

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Fishing Report for May 16th, 2013

Madison River Dam: 749 cfs Kirby: 1,350 cfs Varney: 1,990 cfs Clarity Update:  The plug of mud finally made it to the end of Quake, and we are now sitting at around a foot of visibility above the West Fork.  While this will certainly affect the dry fly fishing over the weekend, the nymph and streamer bite should be outstanding.  Those running an indicator will want to have a good supply of brown and black rubber legs, prince nymphs, pink and red San Juan Worms, pheasant tails, zebra midges, and baetis nymphs/emergers (yup...they eat small stuff in the mud too).  [...]

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Fishing Report for May 18th, 2012

Madison River Dam:  1,010 cfs Kirby: 1,620 cfs Varney: 2,470 cfs It was good to see all the familiar faces in the shop today getting ready for the opener, and we are looking forward to another great season on the Upper Madison in 2012.  We won't have an actual fishing report until tomorrow afternoon, as the section from Quake to McAtee won't be open until the clock strikes twelve, but water clarity seems to be topic of concern from all the phone calls we've been receiving over the last week.  The plug of mud finally made it all the way [...]

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Fishing Report for May 22nd, 2011

Madison River Dam: 1,620 cfs Kirby: 1,910 cfs Varney: 2,510 cfs Yesterday was another great opener on the Upper Madison, and we had good reports all through the wade section.  Water clarity remains around 8 inches of visibility, and the usual suspects were top producers:  Warbirds, Pat's Stones, San Juans, midges, and caddis larva all caught fish.  We also had good streamer reports from our buddy Trey who ended up floating Lyons to Ruby Yesterday.  Trey said it was a toss-up between the Olive Peanut Envy and the Olive/Black Double Screamer, but fishing got a little tough once they got [...]

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Fishing Report for May 20th, 2011

Madison River Dam: 1,250 cfs Kirby: 1,580 cfs Varney: 2,120 cfs Mud, Chocolate Milk, Bosco, Nestle's Quik, Hershey Syrup, Yoo Hoo, Ovaltine...whatever you want to call it, she's made it all the way through Quake, and probably won't be going anywhere for quite some time.  That being said, The visibility is right around 6 inches, and those of you who have fished the mud before know that that is more than enough to make some magic happen.  As long as there isn't a dramatic change in water levels over the next few days, the wade section should fish very well [...]

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