Fishing Report for June 11th, 2010

Madison River

Dam: 1,990 cfs

Kirby: 2,780 cfs

She’s on the fall folks, and we received this letter today from PPL:

As fast as the flows increased they are now decreasing. The flows on the Madison above Hebgen have dropped from a high of 1650 cfs on June 5 down to 890 cfs currently. Computed inflows into Hebgen Lake have dropped from a high on June 5 of 3590 cfs to 2150 on June 10.

The NWS inflow estimate for Saturday and Sunday are about 2150 cfs and 1980 cfs respectively. The estimate for Monday drops to about 1800 cfs.

A flow reduction was made today about 3:00 PM from about 2600 cfs to about 2300 cfs. Two more changes will be made on Saturday and Sunday respectively. The reduction on Saturday will be about 230 cfs and on Sunday about 210 cfs. Releases from Hebgen will be about 1860 cfs after the change on Sunday. Hebgen Lake is at elevation 6534.44 ft which is 0.43 ft from full.

Not only are the flows in the Madison dropping, but the clarity is improving as well.  Fishing has been tough this week, but a couple of us ventured into the wade section last night and put a pretty good whoopin’ on them with red midges and stonefly nymphs.  It seems as if the fish have settled back in, and are finally on the feed.  Right now its not as much about what you fish as where you fish…If you can find a piece of soft water out there you can almost be certain that it will hold fish.  So for all of you out there that have been calling the shop and asking when the river will come around– Now is the answer.

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