Madison River Fishing Report

Madison River Fishing Report for June 8th, 2017

Dam: 1,440 cfs

Kirby: 2,520 cfs

Varney: 3,630 cfs

Madison River fishing report.  The fishing on the Upper Madison continues to hold its own, and the nymph and streamer fishing has been excellent throughout the wade section between Quake and Lyon’s Bridge.  Flows have been hovering between 2,400-2,600 cfs above the West Fork for the last week or so, and it could very easily go up even higher depending on how much precipitation we get over the next five days.  Visibility remains at roughly 8″ and green.

The nymph bite has been most consistent from early morning through mid afternoon, and then again in the evening.  We are still doing well on a variety of Pat’s Rubber Legs but olive/brown and black/brown seem to be doing the most damage as of late.  Surprising enough, worm imitations have not been nearly as effective as they were several weeks ago, but you can certainly still get a few on them (especially in the float section).  Some of our better droppers have been purple and olive lightning bugs, Hydropsyche caddis larva, Rhyacophilia Larva, Zug Bugs, Shop Vacs, and Psycho Princes, but we have heard great reports from anglers throwing a bunch of different stuff out there.  As per usual during runoff, the water you target is just as important as your fly choice.  If you happen to find slow moving water along the bank or behind rock slicks, you can rest assured there are a bunch of fish holding in there.  If you aren’t successful in finding any fish right away, make sure you have enough split shot on so that your flies are ticking bottom in the heart of the hole and be sure to keep changing up your flies until you crack the code.

The float section of the Madison has been a little more inconsistent from Palisades down to Ennis; however, you will find plenty of solitude down there and we have heard a few good reports of guys dead drifting streamers and buggers through the softer inside bends and channels.  Lyon’s to Windy Point has been a little more reliable though, and you’ll want to take it slow by pulling over and working the slow stuff as much as possible before pulling up anchor.  Fishing on the run has been a little more difficult, but we’ve been getting some really nice fish off gravel bars, slicks, and slow banks with rubber legs, worms, and dead drifted streamers such as mini loop sculpins and zonkers.

Streamer fishing has been good to excellent depending on the day, and while we’ve had some good evening floats between Lyon’s and Palisades the action in the wade section has been pretty tough to beat.  Sex Dungeons in yellow, natural, black, and olive have been on the top of the list for the last few weeks but we have also been doing well on envys and silk kittys.  Be sure to keep checking back for another Madison River fishing report from the Slide inn.

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