Madison River Fishing Report

Madison River Fishing Report for 1/14/2016

Dam: 861 cfs

Kirby: 959 cfs

Madison river fishing report for January 16th, 2016.  The Upper Madison continues to fish well this winter, and we are still getting plenty of fish willing to rise to midges from late morning through the early afternoon.  Black goober midges and griffith’s gnats in sizes 18-20 have been the only dry flies we’ve needed so far, and I doubt that will change much over the next few months.  We have been concentrating on the water between Raynold’s bridge and the shop, but we’ve had good reports from anglers fishing between three dollar and lyon’s as well.  Nymph fishing is still the name of the game for numbers of fish, and it has been good to downright stupid depending on the day.  Small zebra midges, olive hares ears, pat’s rubber legs, and three dollar dips have been the usual heavy-hitters, as long as you are targeting the right type of water.  Be sure to hit the slower inside bends, deep holes, and ledges and you will be into fish in no time.  The Madison between the lakes has also been fishing well, but we have not seen the numbers of fish rising to midges like we have between Quake Lake and Lyon’s Bridge.   Nymph fishing up there has been good with the flies mentioned above, but we have also been doing well throwing streamers later on in the day.  A few of us walked about half way down to the lake over the weekend, and found some good browns and rainbows that were more than willing to eat black sex dungeons and gray boogie men.  Most of the fish we found were set up on slower edges, but we did find a few that were willing to come out of the middle.  Getting down to the river is still very easy between the dam and Cabin Creek, but you may want to bring some snow shoes if you are planning on fishing from the Campfire down to the lake.  There are sections that are packed down enough that you can walk comfortably, but there are also plenty of spots where you are going to have to post-hole it for awhile.  Be sure to keep checking back for another madison river fishing report from the slide inn.

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