Fishing Report for June 15th, 2012

Madison River

Dam: 1,500 cfs

Kirby: 1,960 cfs

Varney: 2,730 cfs

The flow out of Hebgen has dropped 600 cfs over the last three days, and all the creeks are running clear…looks like run off is just about over around these here parts, and we’re stilling holding at around 3.5 feet of visibility.  We had a great nymph bite a couple days ago, but the third drop in the water seemed to throw it off yesterday, as fish were probably more concerned about finding new homes than they were about eating.  That being said, we will probably be holding at around 1,500 cfs for a little while and the fishing should pick up again once we have consistent flows return to the river.  As far as bugs are concerned, the Great Grey Spotted Sedges are starting to pop in full force as are the #18-20 black caddis… You’ll still see a few baetis popping in the afternoon, but they are on their way out.  The rubberleg bite is still day to day, but we’ve been doing very well on caddis larva and pupa imitations throughout the Upper River, and small baetis nymphs and midges have been solid in the mornings.  We’ve also been getting a lot of calls in regards to salmon flies lately (When? Where? etc), and by the numbers of nymphs stacked up along the banks in the float section it should be any day now around Varney.  Streamer fishing continues to be good in the wade section (yesterday being the exception), and sex dungeons, barely legals, and double screamers seem to be doing the most damage

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