Fishing Report for June 22nd, 2012

Madison River

Dam:  1,250 cfs

Kirby: 1,640 cfs

Varney: 2,320 cfs

The Upper Madison is fishing good these days, and we are holding at ideal water levels for both wade and float fishing.  Fishing in the wade section has been especially good over the last week, and anglers have been doing best on a combination of caddis larva/pupa, stonefly nymphs, midges, and caddis dries.  The float section below Lyons has been good most mornings, but afternoons have been day to day…but I guess that is fishing in a nutshell.  When the wind has cooperated, we’ve had some pretty good caddis days fishing #14-16 x-caddis and other emergent imitations, and we’re even starting to see a few yellow sallies popping below Palisades.  As far as the Big Bugs are concerned, we are getting more reports of salmon flies below Varney and it shouldn’t be long before we start to see them moving up river.  Streamer fishing has been good early and late, but really inconsistent during the day, which is normal when we start to get the first mass exodus of bugs throughout the river.

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