Bank Robbers Now in Stock!

The Bank Robber

Many of you have been waiting for this day for a LONG time, so we are very excited to announce that the Bank Robbers are finally here and ready to ship!  Kelly spent the better part of a year with the good folks at St. Croix in developing what is sure to be one of the best streamer rods on the market… In fact, it is the only rod that has ever been specifically created for active streamer fishing.  As you might imagine, Kelly put a lot of time and effort in developing this rod, and everything from the custom fighting butt to the tangle free guides was fished and tested by the master himself before they went into production. The Bank Robber is also the first St. Croix Rod to use Nano Silica technology, a Matrix Resin developed by 3M, and will retail for $400.00– That’s $325.00 less than G. Loomis’ NRX and $285.00 less than Hardy’s Proaxis set to debut in February, both of which utilize the exact same nano silica resin.  It is also worth mentioning that both of these rods are built overseas, while The Bank Robbers are 100% American Made.
The Bank Robber is available in six and seven weight models, both of which are 9 feet in length, and weigh in at 3.9 oz. and 4.1 oz. respectively.  Long story short, we are very excited to see what you all think of the new rod, and welcome any and all feedback from you in the months to come.

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